75 From Now – because someday you won’t be here!(See below for why that’s not just ok, but also something that should perhaps inspire you!).

75 From Now is a way of seeing life. It’s about living life to the fullest and a Stoic perspective, with the realisation that happiness is an inside job and that life is, in fact, experienced from the inside out.

Tell me more?

1. Living life to the fullest, living in the present and constantly learning.

75FN is being aware that life is short, and so aiming to live it well and to the full is what we should be about. If you’re reading this, you likely won’t be around in 75 years.

And even if you likely will be, then all the more reason to make the most of that head start!

By the way, this is not a gloomy realisation, as it might seem to some at first glance.

Once you take it for what it is – a chance to realise how short life is and how amazing the opportunity is to make the most of it – it frees us to look at life in a different way.

Are you a worrier, or just worried about something?

It can also make a huge difference if you are. Imagine you are up in space, hovering above the Earth. Zoom up slightly, then a bit more. How does your ‘problem’ look?

Zoom up even more…until Earth starts to look like a bit of a green and blue dot.

How does your problem look now, and how do you imagine it will look from this distance in 75 years?

Knowledge, Information and Insights

Then, constant learning and a thirst for knowledge can help us along the way. The more we know about how life works and how we work, the more content we can be and the more we can experience the richness of life.

Books, blogs, podcasts and videos are free, so let’s make the most of them.

2. Maintaining a sense of calm and perspective as you move through the moments of life.

75 From Now also takes inspiration from the Stoics. Life is short, and to quote Marcus Aurelius, “let that inform what you do and say and think”.

Is that thing you were worrying about really worth fretting about? Is there any point getting worked up over that guy or girl who cut you off in traffic?

We know we shouldn’t worry, and 75 From Now can help us remember.

“Our thoughts control our reality, but only 100% of the time.”

What else?

Finally, for me, it’s also about the regular practice of writing. I’ve rediscovered my love of writing after many years of seeing it as a bit of a chore, probably because I associated it with the freelance work I used to do.

There’s something about writing that encourages mental clarity and allows you to articulate thoughts and ideas you might not have even realised you had.

It’s about getting thoughts down on virtual paper, so that they may hopefully be of use to someone, somewhere, now or 75+ years from now 🙂

So expect to see topics that don’t necessarily relate to 1) and 2) above. I guess this is a blog after all eh!

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