It’s been around three days since I browsed Facebook, checked messages on there and clicked on that relentless red notifications icon.

I’m also feeling pretty calm, content and peaceful.

Coincidence? Maybe. I feel that way a lot of the time, thankfully.

But then again, let’s look closer. If you think about what Facebook actually is, isn’t it the equivalent of walking into a really busy room heaving with lots of random people…every day of the week?

Not just every day, but every hour of every day, or maybe even multiple times in the same hour?!

For a species which has gone millennia without having any way to communicate apart from in a measured, conscious way (in-person, over the phone, perhaps by fax or letter), this may be a little too much.

Even if not, can it be good for us? At least, consuming it at the frequency many of us have grown used to? So much that we are looking at the damned thing from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep!

And for some, during the night…(saynotobluelight!).

Let’s not forget that we are checking in, surfing, commenting and sharing on a platform owned and operated by a for-profit company which does not care about us, and exists for the purpose of enriching its shareholders.

Even if Marky Z would protest otherwise, the net result is a platform that treats attention like currency (which it is), and which will do anything to keep you on there.

The problem is that if your attention is the new gold, and big business is after your attention, surely it’s your job to watch where you direct it. 

If you’re consuming on Facebook, you’re not creating. You’re a consumer, not a producer, and we know what great things can come come from creating.

Will you see the same results and have the same experience sharing cat memes?

Now, everything in moderation. I love a good old cat meme as much as the next cat-fan. But when it comes to FB, maybe ‘sparingly’ or ‘not at all’ is the way to go.

What do you think?